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Data Scientist | Masters in Artificial Intelligence


Data Science Services

As a freelance data scientist, I offer a range of services that can help businesses unlock the potential of their data.


From descriptive analytics to diagnostic and predictive analytics, my expertise in data science can provide valuable insights that inform business decisions and drive growth. By combining statistical analysis, machine learning techniques, and data visualization tools, I can help clients make sense of their data and uncover hidden patterns and trends.


Whether you are looking to understand your historical data, diagnose specific business problems, or make predictions about the future, my services can help you extract value from your data and make informed decisions.

Shinto Shrine Gate

Descriptive Analytics

• Data cleaning & preparation

• Exploratory data analysis

• Statistical modeling & inference

• Visualization & reporting


Diagnostic Analytics

• Hypothesis testing & statistical inference

• Regression & correlation analysis

• Pattern recognition & anomaly detection

• Time-series analysis


Predictive Analytics

• Machine learning modeling

• Classification & clustering

• Model validation & evaluation

• Forecasting


Large Language Models

• Chat bots and Virtual Assistants

• Knowledge Base Enrichment

• Conversational AI

• Content Generation

Featured Clients

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Where it all started...


I am a versatile and experienced professional with a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science.

Being a data scientist myself I take deep dives into the data world to uncover patterns that others can’t see. By building machine learning models and deep neural network models, I analyze information in the data to predict future probabilities. I assist companies in improving their efficiency, performance, and sales leading to higher returns on investment.

As a data scientist, I have developed multiple service products using machine learning algorithms, including Customer Lifetime Value Prediction, Customer Churn, Marketing Mixed Media Optimization, Bidding Process Optimization & Prediction, and Recommender Systems.

I am proficient in coding in Python utilizing various tools such as Numpy, Scipy, Seaborn, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Polars, SQL, Postgres, Git, GitHub, Tableau & IBM Watson Studio for visualization & Dashboards, Streamlit,PyCharm, and VS code. I also build models using machine learning algorithms utilizing Supervised & Unsupervised Learning such as Regression Analysis, Decision Trees, Ensemble Algorithms, Random Forest, KMeans, DBSCAN, PCA, XGBoost, and Neural & Deep Networks using Tensorflow.

I have expertise in exploratory data science, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis. As a mentor for and holder of multiple Coursera certificates, I am a well-rounded professional with strong communication skills in English, French, and Arabic.

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Samuel chazy

Marasi Drive, Business Bay.

Dubai, UAE.


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